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Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking Terms and Policies:

  • Membership Registration required: FREE of charge

  • Termly Payments: This will be a lumpsum payment for the amount of weeks in a particular term, paid in advance, before the commencement of the sessions

  • Autumn term: September - December  Spring term: January - April   Summer term: May - July

  • Length of contract: Each academic year runs from September to July.  Minimum contract will be for a full term. The classes will run during school term only.

  • Timings: each session will last 55 minutes.  It is the student’s responsibility to be on time and wait in the online lobby.

  • Behaviors: ground rules will be set at the beginning of each session and students are expected to follow these.  Misbehaving and discriminatory behavior will not be accepted.  Academia reserves the right to cancel membership of students whose behavior is unacceptable.

  • Feedback: regular homework and feedback will be given to the students and once a term a progress report will be issued.

  • Missed lessons will not be refunded, alternative date will be offered; the tutor will try to accommodate the student at an alternative date and this rule can only be applied once in an academic year and will require a 3 days’ notice.  In exceptional cases i.e., last minute illness, 24 hours’ notice will suffice and this rule can be applied twice in an academic year in addition to the 3 days’ notice rule.

  • Late or missed payments: Academia reserves the right to cancel the student’s membership for any late or missed payments.  All termly payments are expected to be paid in advance, prior to the commencement of the sessions.

  • Termination of the membership: Academia requires a month's prior notice in writing.

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